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Construction instructions for the external worlds: Best advantages, attributes, skills and statistics available

Here are some of the best benefits of outer worlds and other options that you can choose when you build your character

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A good build of The Outer Worlds depends on many things. The best advantages of the outside world are good to know, but there are also six different attributes to choose from, seven skills and the ability to select all. So there is a lot to balance. The Outer Worlds is a long, over 20-hour role-playing game. So, depending on the style of play, you should select the best build you can have. Here are some of the best features, skills, advantages and more of the outer worlds.

Best properties of the outer worlds

Attributes are first on the menu, and there are six to choose from. It's hard to say what exactly that is best attributes, because everything runs out in personal preferences. Below is an explanation of the skills that the individual attributes affect, and the additional bonus of each attribute:


-1 hand melee Melee with 2 hands -Heavy weapons -Block -Inspiration Embed

Bonus: melee damage and load capacity


-1 hand melee -Weapons -Evade -Block -To sneak -Lockpick

Bonus: melee weapons attack speed and ranged weapons repayment speed


-Lange weapons -To convince -Chop -Medical -Science -Determination

Bonus: Critical damage


-Weapons -Lange weapons -Heavy weapons -Evade -Lockpick -Engineering

Bonus: Additional headshot / vulnerability damage


-To convince -Lie Embed -Chop -Science -Inspiration

Bonus: Companion Ability Refresh, Positive


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